Facebook’s MARKeting Plow and its Future.

Rik Raats, Henry Raats, The Herald of Ideas

–In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg announced the beginning of what effectively became a new age in marketing and communications. How about Facebook as a media- & marketing tool tomorrow? Will this one day end up all forgotten like the first -Egyptian- plow of the planet? Probably not.

At Facebook’s Press Conference in New York, Tuesday, November 6, 2007, Mark Zuckerberg announced the beginning of what effectively became a new age in marketing and communications. From that day on, companies could create a page and advertise on Facebook. This was the beginning of what became so much part of our everyday private and professional life, along with a sophisticated marketing apparatus applicable to almost all types of organizations. No need to highlight once again the growth, the impact, market shares, revenue streams, and other parameters that illustrate its dominantly massive position on the media-marketing industry of today. Much more essential is finding an answer about the long term maneuvers of this unprecedented giant in our modern world full of in-depth focused niches, sub-target groups, special interest groups with their specific characteristics and growing separations. We’re less a general audience, so why a general media colossal mono-polyglot?  OK, with high-end profiling, microscopically refined targeting, etc. But why should we collectively keep on nurturing a ‘peoplebook’-player with mind-crushing globe-size dimensions? Today Facebook is the largest registry of human beings on planet earth and offers organizations marketing tools to connect with these individuals based on their specific personal characteristics.

Let’s Face the World of Today

We’re all part of a big world that’s divided into an immense variety of limited subcultures. A world of communities often connected by common interests, goals, common attitudes, etc. Even if you live in a suburban neighborhood with obvious practical ways to get in touch with your neighbors… if your neighbor is into scuba diving, and you’re an avid hobby-painter… these days, both of you live on another planet. We all get in-depth into our passion online. In one way or another, we’re becoming part of our specific theme-related cosmos with its particular brands, jargon, heroes, stars,… it also dominates our choice of movies, media, travel destinations,… We all get more mono-single focused within our niche, our ‘customized world’. It gets even more narrow-focused when your job is also your passion like audio-visual professionals, programmers, classical musicians, etc. In such cases, you’re not only living completely dug-in in the trenches of your field of expertise, but same time you have to compete with… an army of advanced hobbyists that get the skinny on every aspect of the trade shared for free via YouTube & Cy. And all this is just a small orientation within the fields of interest and profession.

Add to this the social group-characteristics like singles-looking-for-a-relationship, couples with relational problems, dog-rather-than-cat pet lovers, organic-ice-eater community… to end up in a rich varied field of -layered- common social recorded characteristics. For the first time in history, we can plan and organize an online seminar for the ‘red-haired-left-hand-female-cello-players-under-five-foot-six association’ including a zoom concert to conclude this. Yes, even when you’re one-in-a-million; there are… thousands of you, all connected via Facebook.

No doubt that the planet’s largest hyper dynamic database of people is the super tool to make this all work. But, ‘The Medium is the Message’. Will all our specific goals -including our niche-authenticity- remain served with a message processed and delivered by one global marketing and communications connection machine called Facebook? To turn this answer into a yes, Facebook’s advertising products not only contain the surgical precision, but also respect the arsenal of third party tools to a certain extend (private websites, Youtube channels, third party media,…), and the socio-thematic in-depth evolution. Let me explain this as next.

Staying Ahead of Monolith Erosion, by Becoming the Frame Rather than the Painting.

In regards to its core-interests in the marketing and communications industry, Facebook is stimulating the diversity of niches, subcultures -and evolved rather into an enabler, offering niches the virtual soc-media-bricks-and-mortar to build and operate niche-communities. Acknowledging the needs to refer to external resources like personal or organizational websites, blogs, channels, third party media, etc. Facebook stimulates communities and their market activity by offering tools (and campaigning itself). This diversity of a rich global patchwork of micro-markets forms the immense honeycomb of one global economy, with Facebook as an enabler; -the framework. A framework rather than a media-marketing brand as such. This offers a wonderful advantage; a frame requires less likability; it’s all about the content painted by the dynamic bees of the global honeycomb that Facebook enables and masters as a structure. It’s the content -the bees and their honeyful creation- that fuels and ignites dynamics. And this immense framework as such, houses same time the infinite market of small businesses and is as a whole, a hyper-functional one-stop-shop for global brands that sell to all of the bees way beyond their specific niche characteristics. 

The Enabler.

Within such a model, Facebook -as the mother of social media- is taking the best possible position in a world of constant evolution: creating the squares to make it all happen. Indeed, the great enabler; the road underneath our feet. Same time this avoids wear and tear of its corporate brand and corporate body as such; people interact about the content, not or far more less about the frame as such. Facebook was the innovator in social connectivity evolving into the role of social enabler; to make it happen.

Facebook’s Great Future by Staying Out of the Game.

Marketing-wise; as an enabler, Facebook built its own promising path to tomorrow. How? –In short; if you long for a real long term career in football; make sure you become the best possible grass for the field and stay out of the game. That’s precisely what Facebook is doing in an evergreen way. And the best is yet to come; foremost in emerging markets like EMEA.

Rik Raats

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