(Sm)All Business. To Flex or Not to Flex, that’s the Question.

Rik Raats, Henry Raats

Nothing Can Answer as Acrobatically Flex as Small Businesses Can.

Rik Raats April 2020    – The world’s largest corporations are small businesses (that kept on growing). There’s nothing as big as small business. It’s the biggest part of our economy. Often they are misperceived (by small business owners) as the ‘little ones’ next to the dinosaur- and mammoth companies of our planet, but… ask the big ones; nothing is less true. Today we even see advanced management training programs that train corporate top executives the spirit of a small business owner.

Most captains of industry admit that times were more dynamic and appealing for them when leading their companies when they were still smaller. Indeed; I once took my eight-year-old son on a big ship and he was bored after twenty minutes, I also bought him a small boat with a remote control that almost sunk when crossing a wave in an inadequate way,… and he was so addicted to that battery-eating vessel that I felt like the fueling assistant (with AA batteries). I know this comparison reads ‘long spun’ in current severe crisis circumstances, but there’s an important relevance to be found in this; the entrepreneur is inclined to the bridge position; directing, interacting, experiencing first hand the effectivity of the chosen course.

Business people are attracted to the spirit of creating, resolving, answering, adapting to new trends, challenges, innovations etc. They are excited to be behind the wheel, steering their entrepreneurial vehicle in the direction of their ambitions. They actually love agility and same time the solid steady course when recurrent business becomes a continuum of constant improvement. Using their agility to add additional business units to their business, or getting back to the active joystick-mode when storms are impacting their courses towards the future.

Small business, all is in; all marketing knowledge is born in these temples of business spirit. No matter the bumpy business rides behind the scenery; the continuity driven marketing approach is found in every detail of the idea when the founder of a car detailing company is informing the clientele that the company will answer current circumstances with pick-up and sanitized delivery of scheduled cars. The cars are delivered, parked in an open garage or carport and also the driver will be fully sanitized wearing even disposable overboots on top of the astronaut-alike safety measurements including a disposable protective extra cover for the complete driver seat area that will be taken along after usage.   Inside the car a large note is found behind the windshield on the dash, informing that the car is fully sanitized, but in case they want to take precautions to their maximum extent, they can await a 72-hour period before opening the car. The state-of-the-art details that confirm the-state-of-the-art-detailer, whatever may happen.

The restaurant owner who did food deliveries himself on Saint Patrick’s Day, fully sanitized to the elderly people in his remote, hilly area, is making no profit at all due to all increased costs that came along with this alternative personal approach. As a matter of fact, he is losing money anyway during COVID-19, but he knows well what he is doing. Illustrating his dedication towards his clients and the local community: the keystone of his mission.

Big companies are learning on a daily basis form the continuity-driven spirit of small businesses to attract customers, making them returning customers, advocates, fans and loyal members without running an artificial loyalty program. The business as such; the full picture and beyond rewards the loyalty.

Small businesses should increase their self-confidence; they are the shed ships around the biggest companies in the world. Amazon is a great example within their small business marketing & distribution symbiosis.

So, for sure right now amidst one of the most impactful crises; as a small business; this is the moment to react. You can go the alternative path with an adapted operational plan or… in a lockdown cost cutting safety mode, back to the drawing board, preparing the rebirth under new skies, and/or any option in between both extremes. Need ideas? Need help? Need Guidance? Ask. No question is irrelevant anymore.

Rik Raats

Published by raats.com

– I am Rik Raats. Marketing Communication Consultant and Entrepreneur, Writer, Musician and Horse Trainer. In every type of industry, I owe all my skills and knowledge to the challenges trusted to me by clients. My experience and references in marketing range from retail up to the airline industry, real estate, travel, pharmaceutical, wealth management, VC markets, M&A markets, hospitality, ag markets, equine industries, animal nutrition, and many others.

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