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Rik Raats, Henry Raats, The Herald of Ideas

Facebook’s MARKeting Plow and its Future.

–In 2007, Mark Zuckerberg announced the beginning of what effectively became a new age in marketing and communications. How about Facebook as a media- & marketing tool tomorrow? Will this one day end up all forgotten like the first -Egyptian- plow of the planet? Probably not. At Facebook’s Press Conference in New York, Tuesday, NovemberContinue reading “Facebook’s MARKeting Plow and its Future.”

The Digital Personality of Leaders and All Others Working with People…

Is Your Digital Personality Ready? Article by Rik H Raats –Your ‘Digital Persona’ will be taking the lead. Guiding, leading, counseling, selling,… This digital fast-forward initiated by necessity, may require overnight magic for leaders, residential real estate agents, lawyers, counselors, coaches, sales managers and all other of the many that have a people-focused professional life. Integrating theContinue reading “The Digital Personality of Leaders and All Others Working with People…”

Rik Raats, Henry Raats

(Sm)All Business. To Flex or Not to Flex, that’s the Question.

Nothing Can Answer as Acrobatically Flex as Small Businesses Can. Rik Raats April 2020    – The world’s largest corporations are small businesses (that kept on growing). There’s nothing as big as small business. It’s the biggest part of our economy. Often they are misperceived (by small business owners) as the ‘little ones’ next to theContinue reading “(Sm)All Business. To Flex or Not to Flex, that’s the Question.”


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